Operating License Fields
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Operating License Fields

Companies wishing to rent and set up business in a free zone must have the necessary Operating Certificate issued by the Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Trade, General Directorate Of Free Zones, Overseas Investment And Services.

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Production : The Zone offers opportunities to procure the raw materials and intermediate goods that are used for production and to sell brand, package, label and exhibit the manufactured goods.

Purchasing-Selling : Purchasing-selling, storing, labeling, packing and exhibiting of the commercial goods can be performed.

Storage : Goods owned by other users or non-user real or legal entities can be stored.

Repair-Maintenance : Repair and  maintenance of the goods can be performed.

Assembling –Disassembling : Assembling or disassembling of the goods can be performed.

Office Renting : Completed warehouses can be rented to the  users.