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Tekfen Group

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The foundations of Tekfen Group were laid as three young entrepreneurs, Feyyaz Berker, Ali Nihat Gökyiğit and Necati Akçağlılar united to realize their ideals in 1956. The first seed of Tekfen Holding was planted when Feyyaz Berker and Ali Nihat Gökyiğit started an engineering and consultancy firm by the name of “Feyyaz-Nihat Consultant Engineering” (FN). Feyyaz Berker and Ali Nihat Gökyiğit established FN’s sister company Tekfen Construction Ltd. in 1957 with the aim of carrying out activities in the field of construction in addition to the existing consultancy services. The company name “Tekfen” was forged from the Turkish words for technology and science, thus manifesting the two partners’ corporate philosophy. After the third partner, Necati Akçağlılar, left the chairmanship of the Department of Turkish Airports and Fuel Stations in 1959 and joined the Feyyaz-Nihat twosome, the consultancy firm changed its name to “Feyyaz-Nihat-Necati Engineering Consultancy” or FNN in short. Tekfen Construction Limited Company attaining status as a joint stock company in 1967, it took the name of Tekfen Construction Co., Inc.

Tekfen Group, as an institution integrated with reliability, honesty and quality, has a reputable place in Turkish business life with its approach seeking perfection in its every area of activity and the ethical values it defends besides its brands and marketing power. Tekfen Group has been involved in numerous successful projects from 1956 to date domestically and abroad. The Group currently conducts its operations in three principal business lines such as Contracting, Agri-Industry and Real Estate Development through 40 companies and 12 subsidiaries, each one well known in their own sectors.

Striving towards perfection in all its lines of businesses and acting on the basis of ethical values in all its activities, Tekfen is determined to move forward and deliver top quality work that we can be proud of in the future as it has done in the past.

Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co. Inc.

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Tekfen Agri-Industry Group’s roots go back to 1974 and the founding of Toros Fertilizer and Chemical Industry to produce fertilizer in the Çkurova Region. Toros Tarım’s core agricultural activity is the production and distribution of chemical fertilizers. Its production plants in Ceyhan, Mersin and Samsun make up 38% of Turkey’s total installed production capacity of chemical fertilizers.

Toros Tarım has diverse operations in various areas of agriculture including chemical fertilizers, seedlings and seeds, saplings and techno-agriculture. At the same time, it is involved in areas not directly related to agriculture, such as marine terminal operations, pilotage, tugboat and ship agency services, free-zone management, gas stations and bag production. Toros Tarım brings many complementary services and operations together under a single organizational umbrella and this enables it to cater to the multiple needs of farmers.

Through mutually supportive investments, the group transforms opportunities into operations that are among the largest in its region. Being one of the largest 60 industrial companies in Turkey, Toros Agri operates in three main areas:

  • Agricultural activities comprising seed production, techno-agriculture, and fruit and seedling production, including, in particular, fertilizer production and marketing;
  • Port management services provided at the two group-owned terminals located in Ceyhan and Samsun; and
  • Free zone and fuel station management.

TAYSEB – Toros Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone Founder and Operator Co.,Inc.


The Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone was established under a Ministry Directive on March 3, 1985. TAYSEB took over management of the facility on May 25, 1990 and was given Ministry approval on December 12, 1990 by the State Planning Organization for 30 years to pursue development according to the Build-Operate-Transfer planning model. Starting in 1997, with the favorable economic situation related to the Eastern Anatolian Project and then continuing with the infrastructure investments in September of 1998, investments and developments in the Adana YUmurtalik Free Zone have increased.

Encompassing 4.6 million m2, TAYSEB is the one of the largest free zones in Turkey and also operator and founder of Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone.

TAYSEB is a founding partner of Mersin Free Zone (MESBAŞ) with a 9,56% share and Antalya Free Zone (ASBAŞ) with a 10% share.