Port Services
Port Services


The Torosport Ceyhan is made up of two separate docks with a total capacity of 8 separate ship docks and 1 Ro-Ro dock.

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On the East Dock Platform there is space for 5 ships: 2 of them up to 110,000 DWT, two more at 40,000 DWT and one of 3,000 DWT simultaneously. At the West Dock Platform there is simultaneous docking for 3 ships: 2 of them up to 40,000 DWT in addition to one more of 3,000 DWT.

At Torosport Ceyhan Terminal, under bulk dry cargo and general cargo terminal operations, unloading, loading and storage services are successfully carried out for many products of   various natures, from grain and feed materials to fertilizer, coal to petro coke, clinker to cement, various industrial ores and minerals to all kinds of mining products, bagged products to various project cargo, from iron-steel products to general cargos.

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Torosport Ceyhan Terminal has the facilities to provide unloading and loading service for bulk liquid cargo, from fuel and oil products to numerous  liquid product groups including vegetable oil and various liquid substances.

There are ten separate pipelines of  8 and 10 inches for transferring chemical liquids and vegetable oils between Torosport Ceyhan Terminal and Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone.


Port is located within the borders of Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone.

Loading/Unloading services are provided to bulk and general cargo ships up to 60,000 DWT with pier and ship cranes at 2 docking piers operating in Sonmez Cimento Port.

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