About us

Stretching for 5 km along the Iskenderun Gulf and covering 4.5 million m² of land with a ready-built infrastructure, the Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone is one of the largest in the world and the only one in Turkey that is geared towards operations in chemicals, petrochemicals, energy power plants, shipyards and cement factories.

Founded on May 25, 1990 TAYSEB was authorized by the State Planning Organization on December 12, 1990 to establish and operate The Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone.

In addition to the unrivaled logistic and strategic proximity and access to European, Asian and African markets, renting companies also take advantage of the stimuli of a Free Zone.

In addition to every infrastructure need that an industrial operation might require, TAYSEB also offers a well-developed road network and access to the region's largest private sector port at the Toros Ceyhan Terminal. In 2010, in order to provide for the needs of companies working in the areas of chemicals and liquid chemicals, a pipeline conduit was built to the Toros Ceyhan Terminal.

The Free Zone is sure to be an important investment because of its strategic and logistical position near the border and because of the large-scale energy investments of the planned Ceyhan Energy Specialized Industrial Zone, the Botas Ceyhan Terminal, the BTC Pipeline and the Iskenderun Thermal Reactor.

The proximity of the site to Osmaniye, Payas and Iskenderun makes it even more enticing in terms of iron and steel investments. In addition, considering the large amount of shipping traffic in the eastern Mediterranean, the lack of other local ship maintenance facilities underlines the economic advantages of the Iskenderun and Payas iron and steel facilities as well as the advantages of TAYSEB for shipyard facilities.

TAYSEB is a branch of TEKFEN HOLDING, one of the major Turkish Holding companies. For many years, TEKFEN has played a major role as one of the companies involved in establishing and managing Free Zones nationally. Tekfen is one of the founding members of the Antalya and Mersin Free Economic Zones.