The Region:

In addition to its varied social, cultural and sports offerings, Adana is rich in terms of its natural beauty and historic heritage. The social life, historic culture and natural beauties of the neighboring provinces of Mersin, Osmaniye, Hatay, Kahraman Maras, Nigde, Kayseri and Gaziantep are easily accessible.

Among the historical monuments located within the state boundaries, you will find the ruins of Yilan Kale (Snake Castle), Adana Kalesi (the Castle of Adana), Anavarza Kalesi(Anavarza Castle), Toprakkale and Ayas Kalesi (Ayas Castle). Many valuable archaeological finds are open to visitors at the museum located in the city. Ongoing reconstruction of historic buildings helps to bring the city\'s historic texture alive.

Other important sites well worth seeing along the Mersin coast include the Silifke Castle, Kanlidivane and the Iskenderun Payas Castle. The Church of St Pierre, the historical streets and houses, and some of the world\'s foremost mosaics in neighboring Hatay province are unique for their combination of differing religions and cultures.

Besides the natural beauties of the meadows and hot springs in the region, we should also mention the Cennet and Cehennem (Heaven and Hell) Caves, the Yalan Dunya (False World) Cave, the Goksu Delta and the Aladaglar National Park.

Social Life:

As a result of rapid expansion and changes in the region, modern residential and living areas have been developed. Adana boasts a social lifestyle that includes a university, health and educational centers, large hotels, shopping centers, cultural activities, sports facilities and entertainment and leisure opportunities.

While Adana is at heart an agricultural and industrial city, there are other local unique natural beauties, including the Seyhan River and its dam lake as well as the hot springs, the mountain meadows, the seashore, National Parks and the historical and natural beauties of the surrounding provinces.


The Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone is 80 kms from the Adana airport and 90 km from the Hatay airport.

There is a direct connection immediately from the Zone to the multi-lane highway that connects to Gaziantep, Mersin and Pozantı. This highway also allows for easy travel to Ceyhan, Iskenderun, Adana and Hatay.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach downtown Adana from the Zone.