Tekfen recognized that a natural part of its mission is to support social, cultural and environmental causes. For this reason, the Tekfen Foundation, which is comprised of Tekfen\'s members, founders and associated companies supports projects in the areas of education, health, culture, arts and nature. A large part of our civic support is geared to education in the form of scholarships; in the arts, the Foundation supports the Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra

The Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra began life in 1992 as the Karadeniz (Black Sea) Chamber Orchestra with 17 musicians from 11 different countries under the guidance of conductor Saim Akçıl with the intention of furthering peace as a common language.

The Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra is proud to present a magical synthesis of contrasts and combines motifs from East and West. Known also as the \"Sound of 3 Seas\" because the participating musicians come from three different regions, the orchestra maintains that its strength comes from proving that differences can produce the sound of peace.

The Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra has performed in Germany, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, the UK, Japan, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Romania, Russia, The Ukraine and Greece.

The Tekfen Scholarship

Every year, the Tekfen Foundation awards unconditional scholarships to 250 successful high school and university students who need financial aid.

To date, the Tekfen partners, members of the founding families, and group companies have had a hand in the graduation of hundreds of students.