TAYSEB does not sell or share your personal information such as your name, email address, business or personal addresses or telephone numbers with any third parties, nor does it allow this information to be used this way. The data we have on record for you cannot be used in any way without specific approval and permission from you. With your permission, TAYSEB will use this data only to
- send you printed materials and other documents
-send you notices and press releases via email

Your personal information is only available to authorized TAYSEB employees and other agents who have agreed to keep such data private. In order to improve the quality its services, TAYSEB does make use of impersonal statistical data such as your browser platform, your geographic location, age, sex etc. This data is never shared with third parties. This data is never shared without your express permission and cannot be used for any purpose including one-sided communications.

TAYSEB cannot guarantee that any sites that we link to are bound by the same principles governing privacy of interactive services that we state above. We therefor advise that you check the privacy policies of any other sites you may visit before providing them with any personal information.

If you would like to get further information about our privacy policies, please contact us at TAYSEB reserves the right to make changes to this policy.