Marine Port  Services

Marine Port Services

You can make use of the rapid loading and unloading facilities at the Toros Ceyhan Terminal, one of Turkey's largest and located immediately adjacent to the Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone. The Toros Terminal is made up of two separate docks with a total capacity of 8 separate ship docks and 1 Ro-Ro dock. On the East Dock Platform there is space for 5 ships: 2 of them up to 110,000 DWT, two more at 40,000 DWT and one of 3,000 DWT simultaneously. At the West Dock Platform there is simultaneous docking for 3 ships: 2 of them up to 40,000 DWT in addition to one more of 3,000 DWT. There are six separate pipelines of  8 and 10 inches for transferring chemical liquids and vegetable oils.

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